Digital Microscope: VHX-7000 Series

Published by Keyence

4K High-Resolution Microscope: View, Capture, Measure.

A sales history including over 20,000 companies worldwide. VHX microscopes make observation simple and easy. Keyence engages in ongoing development of new models to meet the expectations of our customers who carry out magnified observations. Going forward, keeping our sights on the ideal magnified observation devices for our customers, we shall continue to pursue the advancement of microscope technology.

Images can be saved and shared easily with minimal effort.

Thanks to the built-in 1 TB hard disk drive, observed images can be saved just as they are. Saved images can be shared easily over LAN or with USB devices. Standard reports can be created automatically using commercially available software.

Perform a wide variety of measurements with just one device.

2D or 3D measurement can be carried out simply by operating the mouse. Roughness measurement, contamination analysis, grain size measurement and a wide range of other measurements can be carried out with just one device.

Viewing performance at an incredible scale, measurement capability enabling a variety of analytical processes, and enough storage capacity to save millions of images, all of which can be used easily and comfortably. The VHX Series has all the features necessary to enhance operational efficiency.

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